Mind and Body massage therapy that works.

Imagine your body cradled in  the most luxurious state-of-the-art  massage chair embraced by 100 air cells. As the massage begins, you are transported to a state of total relaxation through  rich multimedia delivery . Unequaled in therapeutic benefits and stress reduction, Inada  Massage Chair,  The World’s Best Massage Chair TM, represent the perfect fusion of ancient shiatsu healing techniques and modern technology to provide a perfect full-body massage therapy in just minutes.  No need to disrobe,  just kickback in your own private session room and relax comfortably with Forty Winks playlist (or bring your own favorite playlist) through “Bose” headphones.  Our heavenly hydro-aromatherapy and gorgeous visuals will guide all your senses to a state of complete relaxation.






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  • 01.Therapy Sessions
    15 min

    30 min

    60 min

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    To add with water in the Fresh air machine. Enjoy a fresh scent of Eucalyptus.

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The Sogno DreamWave massage chair by Inada is registered with FDA as a medical device under the physical medicine category. Benefits of Mind and Full Body Massage Therapy Include:

  1. Improve Circulatory Systems
  2. Improve Immune Systems
  3. Relieve back pain
  4. Relieve muscle spasms
  5. Relieve body tensions
  6. Great supplement to physical therapy and chiropractic treatments
  7. Slows effects of aging
  8. Relieve shoulder and neck pains

What Our Clients Say

  • Afternoon Bliss in a trip out not typical massage place. Feels like I stepped out of the pages of Sky Mall magazine (American Airline mag that you buy stuff out of) to a 1970's building meeting the genius age. Relax the Back massage chair you would never buy with Pricey headphones & a scent thing that looks like a oxygen bar coloring of light. On the wall you're taken into a nature zone outing reclining back and your music or theirs in your ear. Relaxing after you take it all in. Great place for people who do not like being touched or naked! Ps. Couple's massage on a whole new level. Parties for Spa night can be the new trend w some friends. Love the decor of this place with Amazing customer service!! Try it out :)

    -Allison G.

  • Wow.. had "lunch" here today and it was awesome.. glad i found this place. I purchased the yelp deal a few months back and convinced my co-worker to go with me. It was a little hard to find from sepulveda, but once we walked in we just had to follow the amazing eucalyptus smell. Which led us to the nicest and most generous & informative host, Mia. She explained everything to us, and even asked how much time we had, if there was enough to try a complimentary deep tissue add on for first time visitors - SWEET! from the amazing smell, to the cool lighting, headphones (apparently you can make your own playlists) and relaxing video to watch.. and the cute pink chair massaged your toes, fingers.. everywhere from the roota to the toota. would definitely go back. We even were given complimentary bottles of water.. I think our 30 min sesh turned into 50 mins and now im not complaining - well i am but that's because i'm back at work now when i feel like i could have gone home and slept! ahhhmazing

    -Tera H

  • Set the stage: Los Angeles traffic...post-holiday errands and a seemingly stressful day. I was rushing about trying to cram a million errands into one hour, and passed Forty Winks. I IMMEDIATELY smelled Eucalyptus (almost a smell obsession of mine) and casually stuck my head in the door of Forty Winks. I proceeded to ask Darren a ZILLION questions about the spa's services, the chairs, and that AMAZING SMELL. I love proprietors that actually CARE about their patrons and want to further a customer's knowledge base. After purchasing the air infuser (you must get one - - it is life!), I agreed to sit in one of the chairs to see if it actually works. I was immediately sold, and encourage any and everyone to visit this spa and treat yourself. You will have a worthwhile wellness visit and want to sit in the chair over and over and over again. Darren, thanks so much for your hospitality and for being so gracious. I have spread the word to my inner circles and will be making several appointments SOON. God bless, and I pray your business grows exponentially.


  • This was a fantastic experience. Darren and Mia were personable, caring and made sure I was comfortable and served. And these chairs ROCK! I got a 2-4-1 special and my wife and I went in for 1-hour massages. The best part it it is that we were in-out with no fuss. No locker rooms, no changing, no smelly oils. Just one quality hour with the chair working it's magic all over my body! After about 15 minutes, I zoned out completely and don't remember much of what happened, but I felt great. And my wife did too. This is a great deal, and much easier than a regular massage. If you think you might need this - then do it!

    -Jeff Young

  • Forty Winks is the best!!! I'm lovin' it...I love the fact that you don't have to take your clothes off, you just simply sit in the awesome massage chairs and it's on & crackin' Their massage chairs are designed to do your whole body: neck, back, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc. Beautiful ambiance...great relaxing music and a screen to watch with lovely pictures of beautiful landscaping including water-falls... After completing my massage, I feel relaxed, energized and brand-new... The owners, Darren & Mia are very client-friendly. They are also attentive to your needs... Now call and make your appointment today...You will be happy with your decision...

    -Glendora S.

  • Omg this place is like a little piece of heaven! Haha! The complexity of the chairs is remarkable, I want one in my home! Until the man told me they come up to about $10k.. I'll just make it part of my schedule to come back ever so often! The massages were amazing!!! I left feeling better than ever!! And the lighting and overall ambiance was comforting!! Perfect gift idea/stocking stuffer since they have gift certificates too!!!


  • My wife and I stopped into Forty Winks a little while back - partly out of curiosity, partly to support a new local business, but mostly because the wife (who gets massages fairly often) wanted to go. I'm not very good at relaxing and I'm certainly not a massage guy, so I wasn't expecting much. That said, I was surprised with how quickly I was able to start relaxing. Both the owners and the atmosphere were very welcoming and we immediately felt comfortable. Based on the owners' suggestions, I chose one of the lower massage settings, which was perfect for me. As a massage enthusiast, the wife picked a much higher/stronger setting and loved it as well. I only give it 4 stars (should be 4.5) because I'm not qualified to give it higher - due to my lack of experience. I will definitely be back!


  • I came here before my workout to loosen the muscles and try out this new type of experience. I have to say, wow, i was truly impressed by how much work the chair actually does! I felt like I was kind of levitating and my entire body was relaxed. This was my first experience with a chair being able to really work the arms and legs. And the rooms set up a great atmosphere to boot. Thanks Forty Winks for a great experience and a novel approach to the space of massage therapy.

    -Jason O.

  • The complexity of life can be daunting. When you need that little-extra for yourself, Forty Winks is the place for your mind and body to finally relax. Each room caters to all your senses, with calming music, aromatic fragrances, beautifully projected imagery, and of course, the Chair. The DreamWave massage chair is the coup-de-gras. It made me feel like 10-people were working on me all at once, while relaxing in a wonderfully unique environment that made me feel calm and relaxed the entire time. Darren and his wife will make you feel right at home from the moment you step into their wonderful establishment.

    -Matthew O.

  • Treat yourself; throw down and do an hour session. The chairs, the smells, the noise-cancelling headphones and the total experience are as relaxing as they are unique. These aren't your ordinary mall massage chairs...far from it! These chairs expertly handle compression-therapy, shiatsu and even some stretch-work. Imagine! On top of it all, Darren - the Owner - is an exceptionally nice fellow who explains the process and goes out of his way to assure you walk out of there feeling at peace. I slept like a baby that night, making this business perfectly named.

    -Roch B


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