What is Forty Winks?

Simple Massage Therapy. Simple Relaxation. Simply Works.


Forty Winks’ Mind and  Body Massage Therapy experience can only be described as transcendent . Imagine your body cradled in  the most luxurious state-of-the-art  massage chair embraced by 100 air cells. As the massage begins, you are transported to a state of total relaxation through  rich multimedia delivery . Unequaled in therapeutic benefits and stress reduction, Inada  Massage Chair,  The World’s Best Massage Chair TM, represent the perfect fusion of ancient shiatsu healing techniques and modern technology to provide a perfect full-body massage therapy in just minutes.  No need to disrobe,  just kickback in your own private session room and relax comfortably with Forty Winks playlist (or bring your own favorite playlist) through “Bose” headphones.  Our heavenly hydro-aromatherapy and gorgeous visuals will guide all your senses to a state of complete relaxation.

We also have a “Couple’s Room” for you and a friend to enjoy the Forty Winks experience together.

The deep tissues therapy session is a game changer. Check it out.

Forty Winks…

Simple Massage Therapy

Simple Relaxation

Simply Works.


Relieve Back Pain and Muscle Spasms


The Sogno DreamWave massage chair by Inada is registered with FDA as a medical device under the physical medicine category. Benefits of Mind and Full Body Massage Therapy Include:

Improve Circulatory Systems

Improve Immune Systems

Relieve back pain

Relieve muscle spasms

Relieve body tensions

Great supplement to physical therapy and chiropractic treatments

Slows effects of aging

Relieve shoulder and neck pains



Reduce Stress

Release Mental Tension

Strengthen immune system

Slows heart and breathing rates

Expedite healing process

Protects the Heart

Boost Memory

Helps you to make better decisions



Mind and Body Massage Therapy

Get into a healthy habit of rejuvenating your full body and mind in “The World’s Best Massage Chair” at Forty Winks today!

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Mind and Body Massage Therapy at Forty Winks

Forty Winks’ Mind and  Body Massage Therapy Sessions are  transcendental   relaxation. Imagine your body cradled in a 170 degree angle with 100 air cells embracing your whole body, while enjoying  a rich multimedia delivery that transports you to a state of total relaxation .

For more information contact us at: info@fortywinksla.com

Business Hours: Monday  through Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM. Sundays by appointments only. 310 740 4047

Please note: We are closed Sunday & Monday, July 6 & 7th 2014. 

Note: Our reservation system operates off of  ’24 hour’ military time, i.e., 11 AM appointment is 11:00 and 2PM appointment is 14:00, 6PM appointment is 18:00.

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    Forty Winks Mind and Full Body MassageTherapy

    Forty Winks Mind and Body Massage Therapy

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