Mind and Body massage therapy that works.

Imagine your body cradled in  the most luxurious state-of-the-art  massage chair embraced by 100 air cells. As the massage begins, you are transported to a state of total relaxation through  rich multimedia delivery . Unequaled in therapeutic benefits and stress reduction, Inada  Massage Chair,  The World’s Best Massage Chair TM, represent the perfect fusion of ancient shiatsu healing techniques and modern technology to provide a perfect full-body massage therapy in just minutes.  No need to disrobe,  just kickback in your own private session room and relax comfortably with Forty Winks playlist (or bring your own favorite playlist) through “Bose” headphones.  Our heavenly hydro-aromatherapy and gorgeous visuals will guide all your senses to a state of complete relaxation.




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  • 01.Therapy Sessions
    15 min

    30 min

    60 min

  • 02.Fresh Air
    Vitacost Eucalyptus Oil
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    To add with water in the Fresh air machine. Enjoy a fresh scent of Eucalyptus.

    Fresh Air machine
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The Sogno DreamWave massage chair by Inada is registered with FDA as a medical device under the physical medicine category. Benefits of Mind and Full Body Massage Therapy Include:

  1. Improve Circulatory Systems
  2. Improve Immune Systems
  3. Relieve back pain
  4. Relieve muscle spasms
  5. Relieve body tensions
  6. Great supplement to physical therapy and chiropractic treatments
  7. Slows effects of aging
  8. Relieve shoulder and neck pains

What Our Clients Say

  • Had an amazing experience! Love the concept – full massage without the hassle of trying to get a decent appointment time at any of the spas like Massage Envy.

    -Robert Gregson

  • How innovative! The second I stepped foot into one of the rooms at Forty Winks, I felt like I was in the future. At first I was a little skeptical about it being a “massage chair,” but by the time everything went to work in the room I was blown away! I hope this does well, the staff is very friendly and I think they just want people to come in and see what this new technology is all about. I definitely recommend trying this ASAP!

    -Michael Schuller

  • I had such a wonderful relaxing time at Forty Winks! It is such a different experience from the typical massage therapy place. Your mind, body and soul are able to relax. Sometimes all you need is for your mind to shut off for a few minutes to feel completely relaxed. I will definitely be frequenting Forty Winks.

    -Edith Levandoski

  • I describe it to my friends as a “massage cocoon”, because each foot has a boot and each arm has a sleeve. Between that and the beautiful atmosphere they create in the rooms, it’s more like being wrapped up in relaxation than just laying on a table and receiving a massage. It’s a wonderful experience that completely relaxes the mind and body.

    -James Perez


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